The End – created in collaboration with Maya Smira at Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai, China

Left and Right – created in collaboration with Olga Stucker, as part of Zürich Academy of the Arts’s 2018 Research Academy

Can You – excerpt from collaborative work with Jerron Herman, video produced by Four/Ten Media

Body and Being, collaboration with Jerron Herman and produced by The Roof Films (Jack Frerer and Liana Kleinman)

Going Beyond Ability | TEDxMidAtlantic

Form and Deform music video, filmed by Evan Chapman (Four/Ten Media) and premiered via I Care If You Listen

Shapeshifter music video, off of Lean Back and Release EP on New Amsterdam Records and featuring violinist Monica Germino. Video by Kevin Eikenberg (Four/Ten Media) and premiered via The Log Journal

Trailer for Mechanica – collaboration between virtual reality artist Leo Castaneda and composer/performer Molly Joyce

Less is More (by Molly Joyce) performed by Passepartout Duo, premiered by Vic Firth

Head to Toe (by Molly Joyce) performed by Mike Truesdell. Video by Evan Chapman (Four/Ten Media) and premiered by I Care If You Listen

Secret Love (2017) 6′

for vintage toy organ and electronics

An Original Dance Performance based on a poem by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
Performed by Kingsley Ibeneche
Directed by Katie Sadler
Cinematography by Carissa Henderson
Original Music by Molly Joyce
Voiceover by Carol Hendrickson
Produced by Max Rothman, Du’Bois A’Keen, and J.Y. Chun