Albany Symphony Performance / Christopher Theofanidis Orchestration

Was super honored to be with Albany Symphony and conductor David Alan Miller last week! Truly surreal to sing/debut an orchestral arrangement of my song Form and Flee by my former teacher Christopher Theofanidis, and additionally grateful for the review below.

Concert streaming at:

“Composer and amazing singer Molly Joyce did a number by herself to introduce her collaboration with the Grammy-winning composer Christopher Theofanidis in their piece ‘Form and Flee.’ She worked with a toy electric organ and sang ‘I Was a Figure’ with lyrics by Marco Grosse and herself.

Her soprano has great range and she uses it without vibrato, more like an instrument to touch a pitch. The effect was ethereal, eerie, magical. Then, what Theofanidis did against that floating sound was to create a hip, subtle, rhythmic orchestra space that never intruded but always supported with repeated motifs, lots of color and with great style. The result was very seductive. The crowd loved it and gave a standing ovation.”
– Geraldine Freedman, The Daily Gazette read full article here

Eighth Blackbird Series: Joyce and Slater In Concert – reviewed by Julia W. Rath

Super grateful for this review from recent show with Andy Slater and Eighth Blackbird! Full review here.

“Joyce and Slater made for a great team. The exceptional blend of their respective talents made this concert remarkably enjoyable. Both agreed that it is unwise to listen to those ableists who would see disability as being the end—rather than the beginning—of acquiring new perspectives on life and on creativity. Whether we are members of the able-bodied or disabled community or something in between, the lesson we can take away from this performance is the importance of persistence in developing our talents and not listening to those who would have us believe that we cannot accomplish a cherished goal. It is essential to have faith in our abilities and confront our disabilities if we plan to pursue our artistry.”

Disability & Accessibility Events with National Sawdust

I’m incredibly honored to share two events this last week as part of a Toulmin Fellowship with National Sawdust and NYU Center for Ballet and the Arts.

It was truly a dream to take part in these events – including a disability/accessibility discussion with award-winning actor, playwright, and director Gregg Mozgala and Copenhagen-based research organization Enactlab (David Oxenhandler, Jacob Yoon Egeskov Nossell, Kristian Moltke Martiny).

The events also involved the world premiere of Left and Right, a new collaborative work that explores myths of the left side. I was so fortunate to be joined by a dream team for this project  – including writer/audio describer Max Greyson, choreographer/dancer Jerron Herman, director/filmmaker Austin Regan, ASL interpreter Brandon Kazen-Maddox, video editor Hannah Rifkin, audio engineer Michael Hammond, Director of ASL Shelly Guy, Director of Audio Descriptions Andy Slater, and accessibility consultant Sandy Guttman.